Only 8 days and after moving all the assets and code over to a new project I have restored the playability to Space Rock Cleanup. Of course I only realized the issue was a single setting in Global Game Settings after copying everything over and running into the same error in my new project. Since I had been testing along the way I knew that the new project was working fine up until I got to the Game Manager object which uses a 'window_set_fullscreen' function which apparently doesn't play well with Windows 10. 

I also started running Spriter and I got an asset pack through Humble Bundle that is a customizable space ship and similar assets for SHMUPs, which SRC is at the very highest level. So I'm going to try to pump out a sequel with better assets and some fresh features pretty quick. Hopefully the Spriter-to-Game Maker: Studio transition isn't too bad.

Now that SRC is up and running I'm going to do my best to get the 'Year Late Post-mortem' done before the weekend.