It looks bad there isn't anything here yet so I'm just going to put something down to get some content on the site and get the ball rolling. I'm not planning on making this a journal, hopefully it acts more like a roadmap. I am working on a Year Late Postmortem for my first actual game on on Space Rock Cleanup. It's a clone of an old arcade game Asteroids, the controls and instructions are on I'm not 100% sure if it's working for Windows 7 right now and i know it's not working on Windows 10 but I need to reinstall an SDK, which is taking forever, because I haven't updated the game since Windows 10 came out. I'd like for it to be playable if I'm talking about it (or if it's still up on itch). I'm also trying to figure out what to do next. i'm going to update Unity but I haven't put in very much effort to learn it so it's still an adventure. i also want to update the reddit Game Day Thread bot, which is in Python which is like my Unity and C#. 

I'm also working on reviewing games that I've played.